What is Autoview?

Autoview is a Chrome extension that listens to your Tradingview alerts and places orders on the exchange of your choosing. You control what Autoview does by inserting a specialized syntax into your Tradingview alert message box.

Whether you simply want to add a stop loss or trailing stop on an exchange that does not provide it, or automate an existing Tradingview strategy, Autoview can help you do that.

This is what Autoview does

We provide the ability to use your Tradingview alerts to place live trades on your behalf.

Multiple Exchanges

We currently have 9 exchanges integrated and add new ones regularly. Bitmex, Binance, 1Broker and others. Trade Bitcoin, altcoins, forex, commodities, indices, stocks and more...

Custom Scripting

Using Tradingview's custom Pine Script language you can create anything from fully automated strategies and indicators to unique trailing stops or take profits. Combined with the Autoview syntax, there is almost no limits to what you can create.

Tradingview's Pine Script Introduction

Growing and Supportive Community

Should you ever have any questions, concerns or issues, there is almost always someone willing and able to help.

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Regular Development

We are 2 friends building tools, so thanks to this great community we can focus our time on maintaining and improving Autoview.


In the forex trading bot example below, we're showing a fully automated strategy setup that runs on 6 different forex markets.

Everything you're seeing is done in Tradingview, it's thanks to Autoview that the orders and data you're seeing was all actually placed live on the market


Here are some videos to help get you started. You can find more on our Youtube channel

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Alert Syntax

To connect TradingView and Autoview, you will need to place at least one command (examples below) in the Message section of an Alert.

Name Key Default Values Description
Account a * Anything (excluding special characters) The alias for the API credentials you want to use for this command.
Book b all buy, long; sell, short The side of the market you would like to play.
Cancel / Close c n/a order, position Used to cancel open orders or close open positions.
Cancel / Close Maximum cm all Static: #, %
Random: #-#, %-%
Cancels orders or closes positions (see cmo for ordering).
Cancel / Close Maximum Order cmo oldest newest, oldest; lowest, highest; smallest, biggest; random How the orders are sorted for canceling.
How the positions are sorted for closing.
Delay delay n/a > 0 Delay allows for a pause (in seconds) between commands within the same alert (e.g. delay=10).
Disabled d 0 0, 1 Prevents any live action from the command.
This is helpful for debugging by outputting the live parameters.
Exchange e Chart Symbol 1Broker, Binance, Kraken, ... The receiving exchange for your command.
Fixed Price fp n/a Static: #
Random: #-#
The literal price in which to place an order or close a position.
Hidden / Iceberg h n/a Static: #, %
Random: #-#, %-%
Bitfinex: Whether the order is to be hidden (i.e. h=1).
BitMEX: Sets the order to be hidden if 0. If > 0 this portion of the position to be visible (i.e. Iceberg).
Leverage l all >= 0 Leverage allows your available balance to be multiplied but increases risk.
Price p 0 Static: #, %
Random: #-#, %-%
The amount to undercut or overcut the top order in the book.
Quantity q 100% Static: #, %
Random: #-#, %-%
The portion of your balance or position you would like to effect.
Shared shared 0 0, 1 1Broker
Whether or not the trade will be visible to others.
Symbol s Chart Symbol BTCUSD3M, LTCUSD, PINKBTC, ... The receiving exchange's market for your command.
Stop Loss sl n/a Static: #, %
Random: #-#, %-%
Bitfinex: Whether the order is a stop order (i.e. sl=1)
1Broker, Binance, BitMEX: Provided value is applied to the position's entry price.
Kraken: Triggers the order (buy or sell) when the last traded price hits the stop price.
Order Type t limit limit, market, fok, ioc, post,
close, open, settle
Limit: Order will be placed in the books to await being filled.
Market: Place order in the book for immediate filling (p is ignored).
FOK: Fill Or Kill orders will either completely fill or be aborted.
IOC: Immediate Or Cancel orders can be partially or completely filled, but any remaining portion is cancelled.
Post: If any part of the order would have executed, it will be cancelled instead.
Close / Open: Can be used together with c=order for specific order types.
Settle (Kraken only): Settle position(s) at the original order price. Learn more
Take Profit tp n/a Static: #, %
Random: #-#, %-%
1Broker, Binance, BitMEX: Provided value is applied to the position's entry price.
Kraken: Triggers the order (buy or sell) when the last price hits the profit price.
Trailing Stop ts n/a Static: #, %
Random: #-#, %-%
Bitfinex: Whether the order is a trailing stop (i.e. ts=1)
Kraken: Triggers a market order (buy or sell) when the last traded price goes against the position by the stop offset amount.
Unit u contracts (currency on Bitfinex) contracts, currency The quantity (q) unit being provided.
Yield y balance balance, equity Balance: Your available balance excluding open orders/positions.
Equity: Your available balance including profit/loss.
Command Description
c=order t=open Cancel any open orders.
c=position t=market Close any open positions with market orders.
e=okcoin c=position q=25% t=market Close 1/4 of any open positions using market orders.
e=okcoin b=sell p=0.50 q=0.25 t=limit u=currency Open a 0.25 BTC order, undercutting the sell book by $0.50
Example: Top sell is $449.15, order will be placed at $449.65
e=okcoin s=btcusd1w b=long l=10 q=1 Open a long with 1 contract using 10x leverage
e=poloniex s=pinkbtc b=sell q=1000 t=limit Place a sell for 1000 PINK over the lowest selling price.
e=okcoin s=btcusd3m l=20 b=buy q=0.025-0.05 u=currency Market buy a random amount between 0.025 and 0.05 BTC.
Example: 0.05 BTC * 20 = 1 BTC